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2008 Jordan Institute
for Families

Vol. 13, No. 3
July 2008

From the Perspective of the CFSR

North Carolina’s most recent federal Child and Family Services Review (CFSR), conducted in spring 2007, found inconsistency across the state in the level of recruitment efforts and in the need for foster homes. The review expressed particular concern over the need to improve targeted recruitment for special populations, such as older children, minority children, and children with special needs (USDHHS 2008).

Once North Carolina children are placed in a foster home, the CFSR found, placement changes often occur when agencies fail to intervene early enough to address behavior problems. In other words, maintaining stable foster homes for children requires ongoing support from the agency long after a license is issued.

In response to the CFSR North Carolina has developed and is implementing a Program Improvement Plan (PIP). Not surprisingly, diligent recruitment of foster and adoptive homes figures prominently, especially in connection with federally mandated goals such as cultural competency (to ensure foster and adoptive families reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the children in foster care) and increasing involvement of all family members throughout the life of a family’s case.

For a description of some of the activities in North Caroilna’s PIP related recruitment and retention, click here. To read the PIP itself, go to < 2008 NC PIP.pdf>. (Note: file is 30 MB.)

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