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2011 Jordan Institute
for Families

Vol. 16, No. 3
July 2011

Military Families and Adoption
Excerpted from AdoptUsKids, 2006

Interested military family members are good candidates as foster and adoptive parents. As a group, they bring diversity in race, culture, ethnicity, and personality. They have had to be flexible and open to change and are very committed, mission-oriented people.

Military families and their communities have many strengths including resilience, diversity, inclusiveness, social networks, and educational and health benefits which support them wherever they live. Because they move frequently, military families become expert at moving and they know how to make transitions go smoothly. Most children can adapt when their family is with them and they have other support systems. Military families know what it is like to be a newcomer; many have formed strong communities and are welcoming of new members while embracing diversity.

To learn more about recruiting and supporting military families interested in adoption, consult: AdoptUsKids. (2006). Answering the Call: Wherever My Family Is, That’s Home! Adoption Services for Military Families. <>

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