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2000 Jordan Institute
for Families

Vol. 1, No. 3
Spring 1996

Practice Implications: Helping the Children

To Help Foster Children:

  • Whenever possible, place siblings together or near each other to facilitate communication and visitation.

  • Consider the use of plain clothes policeman and unmarked vehicles when removing children from home or school.

  • Make sure children understand clearly why they are being removed from their parents' care. It may also be useful for them to know what types of things would have to happen for them to be returned.

  • Remember that foster children may understand and appreciate your efforts more then they can tell you!

To Help Biological Children:

  • Consider creating a pre-placement training or discussion group for biological and adoptive children. Contact with other children or teens sharing their experiences may be beneficial.

  • Discuss a foster child's needs with adoptive and biological children, as well as with foster parents.

  • Talk with parents about ways to make both foster children and biological children feel at home. Discuss the misconception that because a child is a teenager they do not need or want time with their parents. Encourage parents to set aside private time with biological children.

1996 Jordan Institute for Families