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2000 Jordan Institute
for Families

Vol. 3, No. 2
July 1998

Sample Action Plan for Safety

  • Drive by the residence to see if things seem okay -- is there anything suspicious going on?

  • When pulling into the parking lot/neighborhood, look around to see who is hanging around and what the atmosphere seems to be.

  • Note at least two (if possible) exits and entrances to parking.

  • Back your car in and don't park directly in front of the home/residence.

  • Listen outside the door of the home for disturbances such as screaming, yelling, or fighting.

  • When knocking on the door, stand to the side, not in front of it.

  • Introduce yourself clearly, letting the family know who you are and why you are there.

  • Assess the person/persons you are talking with. What is their demeanor? Are they intoxicated?

  • Note the location of doors in the home. Leave the door unlocked if possible.

  • Scan the environment for any weapons--guns are often kept in the bedroom, knives in the kitchen.

  • Note any drug paraphernalia lying about and what danger that poses to you or the children.


Griffin, W., Montsinger, J., & Carter, N. (1997). Resource guide for administrators and other personnel. Durham, NC: ILR, Inc.

1998 Jordan Institute for Families