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2000 Jordan Institute
for Families

Vol. 4, No. 3
June 1999

Boost Your Job Satisfaction

  1. Take time regularly to renew your commitment to your work.

  2. Learn as much as possible from interactions with children and your colleagues.

  3. Talk to supervisors or experienced workers who seem to be enjoying what they are doing. Watch and learn from them.

  4. Pay attention to your physical health, stay in shape, and eat and sleep well.

  5. Be prepared. Take a little extra time to plan.

  6. Take time to play.

  7. Challenge yourself. Learn a new skill, pursue new ideas, and be creative.

  8. Go after what you want. Think it through, develop a constructive proposal, and try it.

  9. Focus on and savor the good moments with the kids, and laugh with your colleagues.

  10. Join a professional association and meet others who have made child and youth care their mission.


Krueger, M. (1996). Job satisfaction for child and youth care workers, (Third ed). Washington D.C.: Child Welfare League of America Press.

1999 Jordan Institute for Families