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2000 Jordan Institute
for Families

Vol. 5, No. 3
August 2000

Who's Who in Juvenile Court
Balance to Strike
Child welfare social worker/DSS attorney
Child protection for all abused and neglected children in county
Desire to reunify family versus desire to keep child safe/achieve timely permanency
Investigator, service provider
Educational and/or DSS training and ongoing supervision
Guardian ad Litem/GAL attorney
Representing interests and wishes for a specific child
Virgorous advocacy for client versus cooperation with other agency constraints
Advocates for child only (is not equipped to provide services)
Volunteer training and ongoing supervision
Parents' attorney
Representing the parents' wishes with regard to their children
Zealous client advocacy versus best interest of child and family
Advocate for parents
Varies widely; most represent parents as part of a more general practice



2000 Jordan Institute for Families