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2003 Jordan Institute
for Families

Vol. 9, No. 1
October 2003

Tool for Assessing Your Supervisor/Work Group Leader

The link below leads to a survey instrument that can help child welfare supervisors assess how family-centered they are. To use the instrument, which was developed by Dr. Philip W. Cooke of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work, supervisors should ask their colleagues (subordinates and, if they are doing a "360 degree" assessment, their superiors) to fill out a printed version of this anonymous, 43-item questionnaire. The supervisor can then review the completed surveys to discover the extent to which coworkers believe the supervisor listens to and includes them, empowers them, and encourages them to use their own strengths to develop themselves. Supervisors may also find it helpful to assess themselves using this survey, and then to compare their own responses with their coworkers'.

To access this tool, click here.*

*Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view/print this instrument. If you do not have this software, you can download it free of charge by going to <>.