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Vol. 16, No. 2
April 2011

Strengthening Child Protective Services Intake

Intake is an essential part of our efforts to protect children. Everyone in child welfare should know how CPS intake works and be deeply interested in our performance in this area, both at the state and local levels.

Why? Because intake is where we begin collecting information and making initial decisions about child safety. It’s the first opportunity CPS agencies have to work in partnership with the community (i.e., reporters). Documentation begun at intake continues throughout the family’s involvement with the agency and can play a critical role in the court process. In a tangible way, intake lays the groundwork for our success with children and families.

In this issue we will look at intake from different angles. We’ll examine administrative and outcome data related to intake, offer suggestions for educating and engaging reporters, explore family-centered intake practice, and consider intake challenges and ways to overcome them. We hope you find it helpful.

Contents of this Issue

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CPS Intake in North Carolina: By the Numbers

Child Safety and the Family Assessment Response

Educating Community Partners about CPS Intake/Screening

Overcoming Legal and Policy Challenges of CPS Intake

Resource for Spanish Language CPS Referrals

Family-Centered CPS Intake

Working with Military Families

Supervisors Strengthening CPS Intake

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