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Family and Children's
Resource Program

Vol. 17, No. 2
May 2012

Trauma-Informed Practice and NC Child Welfare Policy

The increasing emphasis on being trauma-informed can feel like pressure to add another complex dimension to child welfare practice. However, child welfare policy in North Carolina already emphasizes a number of practices that are in line with research recommendations about minimizing the effect of trauma. With the introduction of Multiple Response System (MRS), and with new federal laws passed in recent years, child welfare practice has increasingly emphasized partnering with families, listening to the voices of children and youth, and building and maintaining healthy connections. These are all trauma-informed activities and approaches. They’re also already part of your everyday practice with families. The table below highlights North Carolina policies that align with key trauma-informed child welfare activities.

Table indicating policies that align with key trauma-informed child welfare activities

*This is not a comprehensive list. NC’s full child welfare policy can be found at <>.