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Family and Children's
Resource Program

Vol. 18, No. 3
June 2013

Child Welfare Training Related to Reunification

North Carolina Resources
The NC Division of Social Services offers a number of courses that help child welfare professionals from NC county DSS agencies reunify children in foster care with their families, including the following:

  • Coaching in the Kitchen: Guiding Parents through Teachable Moments
  • Connecting with Families: Family Support in Practice
  • CPS In-Home Child Welfare Services
  • Motivating Substance Abusing Families to Change
  • Placement in Child Welfare Services
  • Reasonable Efforts: What Supervisors Need to Know
  • Shared Parenting
  • Step by Step: An Introduction to Child and Family Teams
  • The ABC's of Including Children in Child and Family Teams

To learn more or to register for these courses go to

National Resources
Adapted from CWIG, 2013

Family Reunification and Case Closure in Child Sexual Abuse Cases. Reviews safety issues during the reunification process, key ingredients needed in a safety plan; critical treatment milestones for the victim, perpetrator, and family; and the process for reunifying a family and closing a case. Online:

Family Reunification Through Visitation. Examines knowledge related to the development of successful visitation plans and strategies to enhance caregiver involvement in the visitation process so that families may have better opportunities to achieve reunification. Online:

Introduction to Parent-Child Visits. Provides a self-guided online training course for child welfare and related professionals to improve outcomes through parent-child visits and enhance efforts toward family reunification. Online:

Lighting the Fire of Urgency: Reunification of Families in America's Child Welfare System [Teleconference]. Provides participants with information and tools to quickly identify and engage relatives in order to promote the reunification of children and youth in the child welfare system with their families. Online:

The Relationship Between Reunification Services, Service Utilization, and Successful Reunification: An Empirically Based Curriculum. Reviews the history of reunification services, how services are ordered for and used by parents, and how service use influences reunification outcomes. Online: