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Vol. 19, No. 2
March 2014

North Carolina Focuses on Timely Permanence

Repeat a word often enough and there’s a risk it will become a mere sound, devoid of meaning. Thankfully, the meaning of the word “permanence” is in no danger of being lost in North Carolina.

That’s because most of us get into this work because we believe every child deserves a safe, loving, permanent family. Permanence is something close to our hearts.

All the same, it helps to get occasional reminders about why the things we value are important.

That’s where this issue of Practice Notes comes in. In it you will find data about our performance around permanence, as well as a message from the Chief of Child Welfare Services in North Carolina about why urgency matters in our work. You’ll also find information about a new permanency-focused effort made possible through special funding from the legislature, as well as resources and research-based suggestions for enhancing your work with families and children.

Taken as a whole, we hope this issue will be a heartening reminder not only about why timely permanence matters, but about our state’s strong commitment to do a better job achieving this goal.

Contents of this Issue

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"We Need a Sense of Urgency"
Interview with Chief of Child Welfare Services in NC

NC's Performance on Time to Permanence

NC's Permanency Innovation Initiative

NC Kids: A Key Partner for Achieving Permanency

Overcoming Barriers to Timely Permanence

Achieving Legal and Relational Permanence for All Youth in Foster Care

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