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2004 Jordan Institute
for Families

Vol. 10, No. 1
December 2004

What Do NC Parents Say about Post-Adoption Support?

The NC Division of Social Services recently surveyed 8,000 adoptive parents in North Carolina. Based on a quantitative analysis of the 1,607 surveys that were returned, most parents who adopt children from foster care in our state seem to feel good about adoption. For example, 88% said that if they had to do it all over, they would adopt their child again, and 86% reported that they would recommend adoption to others. Sixty-eight percent reported that their child was a little or not at all difficult to raise. NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network analyzed the survey.

Parents also commented about their experience. As the following sample from this portion of the surveys suggests, there is room for improvement in post-adoption support in North Carolina. To receive the survey’s final report, contact the NCDSS’s Esther High (919/733-9464;

Some Felt Supported
“Both workers visited us frequently to check how the family and the children were adjusting.”

“They have never failed . . . to help us come up with some kind of solution.”

Many Felt Abandoned
“The moment adoption was finalized I felt like I was on my own without support from DSS.”

“To DSS these children are nothing. DSS pushes to get them adopted and then forgets them and the person that adopted them.”

Others Were Frustrated
“DSS refuses to work with us as far as child’s problems go.”

“Trying to get services in a time of need is extremely frustrating.”

Still Others Described their Challenges
“The older the children get, the more problems arise.”

“Both children are diagnosed with attachment disorder and we are fearful they will try to kill us at night.”

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