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Vol. 5, No. 2
June 2000

Child Sexual Abuse and Child Welfare

If you work in child welfare, child sexual abuse affects you. This is obvious if you work in child protective services, but it is equally true for those who work in adoptions, licensing, and other areas. In this profession the dark, unsettling influence of sexual abuse cannot be escaped.

Nor should it be. As social workers and caring members of our communities, we are committed to preventing child sexual abuse. When it occurs we face it head on, doing what we can to help survivors and their families heal. To do this effectively we need to understand as much about sexual abuse as we can.

To support you in this effort, this issue of Practice Notes looks at child sexual abuse--at its effects on survivors and their communities, at assessment and treatment approaches, and at the way it affects child welfare workers both on and off the job.


The Effects of Sexual Abuse

National and North Carolina Sexual Abuse Data

Intervention Points: Coping with the Effects of Sexual Abuse

Assessing and Treating Child Sexual Abuse

Practice Tips: Dealing with Sexual Abuse

Treatments for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Personal Responses to Working in the Field of Child Sexual Abuse

Dealing with Conflicting Feelings in Child Sexual Abuse Work

The Impact of Working with Offenders

Do We Treat Female Sexual Offenders Differently?
Are You a North Carolina Social Worker and Want to Know More?

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