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for Families

Vol. 5, No. 4
October 2000

Checklist for
Facilitating Visits

Planning the visit

  • Contact parents and arrange/confirm date, time, and location of visit

  • Identify whether visit will be supervised or unsupervised and explain why

  • Identify minimum parenting standard to be addressed and activity to occur pertinent to parenting standard

  • Prepare or ask parent to prepare other siblings still at home for visit

  • Arrange/confirm date, time, location of visit >24 hours before visit

  • Arrange/confirm transportation arrangements

  • Prepare or ask foster parent to prepare child for visit

Conducting the visit

  • Remind parent why visit is supervised; review visit progress

  • Review purpose of visit and relevance of planned activity; specify what is expected of parents and children during activity

  • Explain caseworker’s role in visit

Ending the visit

  • Briefly review overall progress in activity and its relevance to critical area

  • Comment favorably on some aspect of child’s and parent’s performances

  • Make suggestions for improvement as necessary

  • Arrange/confirm date, time, status, and location of next visit

  • Identify minimum parenting standard to address and activity for next week

  • Record specifics of visit

Source: Kessler & Greene, 1999, pp.160-161


© 2000 Jordan Institute for Families