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2000 Jordan Institute
for Families

Vol. 5, No. 4
August 2000

Suggestions for Visitation

Here are some ideas for making visits fun for children, valuable assessment tools for social workers, and positive learning experiences for parents.

  • Hold visits in the foster home
  • Share lunch with children at school or day care
  • Include parents on doctor or dentist visits
  • Have visits in the child's own home
  • Conduct visits at a relative's home
  • Involve the therapist
  • Have visits outside the agency at parks, playgrounds, libraries, museums, or fast-food restaurants
  • Train volunteers or casework aides to be "visitation specialists" who can monitor, mentor, and provide transportation
  • Encourage parents to attend the child's school functions, such as parties, plays, or concerts
  • Tailor plans to the interests of children and birth parents; they may have common activities/interests that facilitate positive interactions

Sources: Flick, 1999; Loar, 1998



2000 Jordan Institute for Families