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Family and Children's
Resource Program

Vol. 19, No. 3
July 2014

NC Revamps Key Course to Increase Focus on Attachment and Trauma

This spring the NC Division of Social Services retired one course on attachment and launched another. Recently the Jordan Institute for Families at UNC-Chapel Hill undertook a major revision of the well-known course Effects of Separation and Loss on Attachment (ESL). In the end the revision--which introduced new research on trauma and attachment to the course--was so extensive that ESL was renamed "Assessing and Strengthening Attachment."

This new two-day classroom training teaches about the attachment process, how secure and insecure attachment affect child development, and how to assess and build secure attachments between children and their caregivers. Participants leave this course with new skills and ideas to use in their work with families. If you are a child welfare professional in North Carolina, to learn more or sign up to take Assessing and Strengthening Attachment, log in to