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Vol. 19, No. 3
July 2014

Attachment and Child Welfare Practice

Parent-child attachment has a powerful influence on child welfare work. Healthy attachment gives children a solid foundation for their cognitive, social, and emotional development. When attachment is secure, often things are much easier.

Unfortunately, secure attachment isn’t all we see in our work. Because abuse and neglect interfere with attachment, we frequently encounter children and families struggling with attachment security.

To successfully ensure the safety, permanence, and well-being of children it really helps to be “attachment literate.” This means knowing what attachment is, how it works, and how to respond effectively to attachment problems.

We hope this issue of Practice Notes will be a helpful resource in your ongoing study of this important topic.

Contents of this Issue

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Why Attachment Matters

Identifying Attachment Problems

NC Revamps Key Course to Increase Focus on Attachment and Trauma

Child Welfare Practice When Children Have Attachment Issues

Rebuilding Ourselves
After Iraq--and removal--I had to heal myself and my daughter

Supporting Child Welfare Worker Resiliency

Reactive Attachment Disorder

"Fostering Health NC" Builds Medical Homes for Children in Foster Care

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