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Vol. 20, No. 1
December 2014

Safety Resources and Kinship Care

In August 2014 the NC Division of Social Services surveyed North Carolina’s county DSS child welfare professionals about what they’d like to learn more about through publications or webinars. The response was strong—nearly a third of the estimated 3,000 county DSS child welfare professionals in the state responded.

Survey respondents rated their interest in 20 topics related to child welfare practice. “Safety Resources and Kinship Care: Best Practice” was among the top choices for DSS directors, program managers and administrators, supervisors, and line staff.

This interest isn’t hard to understand. Though they are common, there seems to be some inconsistency in how agencies define and use safety resources and kinship care. This can give rise to questions and confusion.

This issue of Practice Notes seeks to provide clarity and useful suggestions for the appropriate, successful use of safety resources and kinship placements in NC.

Contents of this Issue

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Safety Resources: Definition, Benefits, and Challenges

Use of Safety Resources and Title IV-E Funding

Using Temporary Safety Resource Placements: Best Practices

Sample Safety Resource Placement Memo of Agreement

Research on Kinship Care: Implications for Practice

Reaching Out to Relatives When Children Enter Foster Care

Kinship Caregiver Benefits Checklist
Are relative caregivers and children receiving the support they need?

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