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Vol. 22, No. 1
December 2016

A Focus on Engagement in Child Welfare

We're drawn to child welfare work because it gives us a chance to help families and children. Our ability to make a difference, however, depends a great deal on whether we can build relationships with families.

Many things can get in the way of this, of course, not least of which are the power we hold over families and negative experiences they may have had in the past with child welfare agencies or other authorities.

Yet often--a surprising amount of the time, really--we overcome these and other barriers to forge trusting, constructive connections with the families and youth we serve.

To support you and your agency with the critical task of connecting with the families you serve, this issue of Practice Notes focuses on engagement in child welfare.

Contents of this Issue

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Engagement: An Indispensable Skill in Child Welfare. A Conversation with Dan Comer

CFTs: One of Our Most Powerful Engagement Tools

Engaging "Familiar" Families by Considering Parent Trauma

Identifying and Engaging Child Victims of Human Trafficking

NC Works to Engage, Consult, and Respond to Families on a Systemic Level

Suggestions for Engaging Families When a Parent Is Incarcerated

References for this Issue

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