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Vol. 1, No. 1
Winter 1995

Teen Pregnancy

About Practice Notes

Welcome to the first issue of Children's Services Practice Notes, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to bringing research and information about best practice to North Carolina's child welfare workers.

If you find this newsletter familiar, it may be because for the previous two years, it has been CPS Practice Notes, a publication targeted more specifically toward child protective services. Why the change?

We have expanded the focus of the newsletter to include all of children's services to reflect the belief that because Adoption, Child Protective Services (CPS), and Foster Care programs all work with the same families, it is helpful to think about service to clients in a noncategorical way. Our new format is an attempt to model this approach. Let us know if it helps!


Teen Pregnancy and Parenting: Myths and Realities
Intervention Points: Teen Pregnancy
Interview with Sydney Barber
Interventions with Teen Parents
Placement vs. Parenting: How Do Teens Decide?
Preventing Pregnancy for Teens in Foster Care
Do Teen Fathers Differ from Other Young Men?


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