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Vol. 3, No. 2
July 1998

A Look at Safety in Social Work

It's an open secret, really: social work is a dangerous profession. Every day, armed only with a genuine concern for families, social workers step out of their offices and into the homes of families in crisis. Each time they do, social workers run the risk of becoming the focus of an assault.

Although there is no way to guarantee you will not become the victim of an attack, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk. This issue of Practice Notes gives you some practical suggestions for assessing potentially dangerous situations and provides strategies for maintaining your personal safety. In keeping with our family-centered approach to practice, we also discuss ways to integrate safety precautions into your practice in a way that won't send the wrong message to families.

We hope this issue will be a jumping-off point for discussions with others in your agency. Safety concerns should be "safe" to talk about!


Maintaining Your Safety in the Field
Sample Action Plan for Safety
Promoting Safety in the Agency
Suggestions for Making Agencies Safer
Predicting and Dealing with Violence
Family-Centered Practice and Worker Safety
Working with Aggressive Adolescents
Five Steps of Anger Management
Tips for Working with Aggressive Teens
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